I have started and restarted this health journey on numerous occasions over the past 5 years or so.

Until then I was in the mindset that we all die some day so why not do all the things, including eating all the food, drinking all the alcohol and yes, even illicit drugs.

I cannot pin point when the awakening occurred. When I realized that “enjoying” life had left me in a haze, often depressed and in pain. I was an outward picture of confidence to mask the insecurity and lack of self love that I harbored.

I can tell you that I have thrown my hands up and let the insecurity and the mental garbage I hold onto pull me back. I have quit. And I have started back again.

I have finally realized that the journey to self love isn’t about a 4 week program or a nutritional plan or the self help book you swear you will read.

The journey, LIFE, is about committing the day you make the decision to truly live and then Recommitting every day after.

If we live each day, with a renewed vow to ourselves, we won’t get it perfect. We will make choices from a new point of view that will allow us to live into our best life.

Author: Jazmin Locke

An almost 40, wife, mom of two, in the work force, trying to choose myself every day.

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