Pouring into others

This week some people very close to me have hit a difficult time.

Happy 32nd wedding anniversary

I have watched a woman of awe inspiring faith lean on God so others can lean on her. Her calm and surrender in this time of crisis are something I can only hope to achieve if I am faced with a similar situation some day.

I have leaned in and made choices to pour my energy and time into acts of service to show how much I love both of them. It is stressful and calming at the same time.

We can’t be all the things to all the people all the time. While I believe with my whole heart that you must put yourself at the front of your health journey, that does not mean that you can’t do that by taking the energy you have been cultivating and redirecting it to someone in need.

This choice may mean that you miss a few workouts or you fall off your nutrition. This is all part of the balance. You go where the need is great and return to your center to replenish.

The magic of faith, love and kindness is that we can fill our cups by emptying them.

Author: Jazmin Locke

An almost 40, wife, mom of two, in the work force, trying to choose myself every day.

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