Hidden veggie and picky eater favorites

Isabelle was recently diagnosed as severely iron deficient. Drinking too much milk during the day has lead her to not eating enough food. Top it off with her being a picky eater and we are in the perfect storm.

She is taking a daily liquid iron supplement. We have also been directed to increase her red meat and veggie intake.

We are trying it all, dark green hidden in a fruit smoothie a few times a week. Veggies hidden in hamburgers and sloppy joes, cheese covered deliciousness.

One of the main things I have had to do is let go of my image of success. That by somehow making my kids eat the same things I am, I’m winning. Well, that’s just stressful. I get annoyed because they never like anything I cook (I’m a good cook, it’s something I pride myself on). We waste a TON of food, because I cook for 3+ and only 2 actually eat it. Causes me to over eat because… well mom bites.

So here are a few successes so far!

We are still working through and figuring out a new menu that works for us. It will be a long road with more blood work, perseverance and patience.

Author: Jazmin Locke

An almost 40, wife, mom of two, in the work force, trying to choose myself every day.

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